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Dan Rana

A true Las Vegas native, Dan Rana was born in Southern Nevada, but it wasn't until 2010 when he and his wife Deanna  moved to Texas, that he began his dog training career. As a life long dog owner and lover, he thought he knew the basics of dog training and behavior, but sought a way to build a stronger bond and relationship with his fur kids. As a proud parent of four miniature dachshunds, he took the first step towards formal education in dog training and enrolled in the dog obedience program at Animal Behavioral College.

After completing the required curriculum, he was paired with a mentor trainer, Wendy Dek VSPDT.  He immediately realized that there was so much more that he could learn to sharpen his communication skills with people and dogs alike. He realized that his formal education was only the first step to a career doing something that he was extremely passionate about and was honored to be invited to join Canine Advance Training Services.  

In August 2015, he moved back to his home town of Las Vegas to be closer to family.  As a Certified Professional Trainer, "I want to be able to help others learn how to communicate effectively with their dogs without the use of force, pain or punishment - to build new relationships or to repair damaged ones."  Like Wendy, "I truly believe there are no bad dogs, just poor communication.  I want to help people love and enjoy their dogs the way nature intended." 


From basic obedience to every common behavior problem, Dan has experience with dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes.  He has logged many volunteer hours helping shelters and rescue organizations in both Texas and Las Vegas.   Whether in need of behavior modification or training your puppy, Dan can help with all of your dog training needs!

Dan's Pack
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